uPVC or plastic doors and windows have become very common over the past 30 years. They bring with them the perceived benefits of energy efficiency, security and low maintenance. While these benefits are true to some degree uPVC windows and doors do have their problems.

Multi-point locks as normally fitted to uPVC doors can give many years of trouble free service. They are however mechanical products which see daily use and abuse and they will eventually need servicing or replacement. If a door is not properly adjusted this can put additional strain on the locking mechanism, causing it to fail sooner than expected. Locking mechanisms can be expensive so it can be cost-effective to have a poorly fitting door adjusted, extending the life of the multi-point lock. A poorly adjusted door may also not seal properly on its gasket or the gasket may have deteriorated over the years. This can lead to draughts and heat loss. The handles fitted to the door can also fail.

Loc-Doc can supply and fit a wide range of multi-point locks, adjust doors, replace gaskets and supply handles and other door furniture in a range of colours and styles.

Euro Cylinder

Most multi-point locks will have a euro cylinder fitted. If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link then the euro cylinder is normally the weakest link. The euro cylinder in its most basic form is vulnerable to several forms of attack including snapping and bumping. An experienced burglar can open a door using some of these techniques in less than 15 seconds with minimal noise. This can even apply to the latest composite doors with deadbolts, hooks and hinge bolts. Upgraded euro cylinders are available which incorporate features designed to mitigate the inherent weaknesses of the euro cylinder. The highest security cylinders comply with the Sold Secure Diamond rating and BSI TS007:2012.

Loc-Doc can supply and fit a range of cylinders to meet a customers’ requirements. Cylinders can be keyed alike if, for example, a customer wishes all external door locks to be operated by the same key.

Mechanism Replacement

Over time the locking mechanisms, handles and hinges fitted to uPVC windows can also fail and require replacement. All this work can be undertaken by Loc-Doc.

Frame Damage

A further service offered by Loc-Doc is the repair of minor damage to uPVC frames. An example of this is where there are old screw holes which require filling.

No Obligation Survey

Loc-Doc can arrange a no-obligation inspection of your doors and/or windows and will assess any defects or weaknesses. A realistic estimate of the costs for any remedial work will be provided.

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